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Article: The Famous Randolph Engineering Sunglasses Frame Twist Test

The Famous Randolph Engineering Sunglasses Frame Twist Test

Good morning from Michigan!

I hope you all have had a good week and stayed safe.

Today I would like to talk about one company that is concerned about the strength of their sunglass frames.

Why Is This Important?

In a world filled with cheap products at high prices it is very hard to know if the sunglasses you purchase are really worth the money.

For example, Luxottica controls 39% of the global market for sunglasses and makes many of the name brand sunglasses like Ray Ban, Oakley, Versace, Prada, Tiffany and more.

It might surprise you to know that the average cost of a Luxottica frame is $ 25 while many of the famous brands they sell cost $ 500 and up.

So, how do you know what a good pair of sunglasses really worth?

The Famous Twist Test

One American company that makes aviator styel sunglasses is so concerned about their frames coming apart that they twist test every 50th pair of they manufacture!

That company is Randolph Engineering, Inc. of Randolph, MA, and they are known for manufacturing high quality sunglasses, prescription frames and shooting glasses, all of which have acquired a loyal following of customers and collectors.

Since I have been an authorized dealer for Randolph Engineering I have had a lot of interesting conversations with customers who are very pleased with the quality, performance and durability of their sunglasses.

They also make shooting glasses under the RE Ranger brand name for sports shooters.

Most impressive of all is that they are the supplier of sunglasses to military pilots both in the US and in other countries.

Over the years I have had very few sunglasses returned to me, and usually only because they did not like the look on their face, not because of the quality of the product itself!

I Twist A Sunglasses Frame

I purchased a matte black Randolph Engineering Aviator sunglasses frame and subjected it to a sunglasses frame twist test just to see if their claim of sunglasses frame integrity and their lifetime guarantee would hold up to an actual test by me.

I wasn't disappointed!

I twisted the frame as hard as I could and the solder joints didn't separate and the frame, albeit twisted, remained intact despite my best efforts.

My Son Gave Me An Idea

One summer while on vacation in Cape Cod one of my sons and I visited the Randolph Engineering factory, and while I talked business with the owner and marketing manager my son took a tour of the plant.

During that tour the employee conducting his tour took a frame and twisted in front of him much to his surprise!

My son assured me the frame didn't separate, but being a father and somewhat skeptical to boot, I just had to try it for myself.

I wasn't disappointed!

The frame remained intact despite my best efforts and convinced me that Randolph Engineering will rarely have to worry about fulfilling their lifetime frame solder joint warranty at all.

Sunglasses Frame Twist Test Video

Here is a video of me twisting the sunglasses frame and you can see the results for yourself:

Randolph Engineering Sunglasses

There is no doubt in my mind but that any sunglasses or shooting glasses you purchase from Randolph Engineering will stay intact no matter what you do to them.

The Randolph Engineering sunglasses frame twist test guarantees that!

Now what you do with a twisted pair of sunglasses frames I have no idea, but at least if they are Randolph Engineering sunglasses frames you can send them in and have them repaired under their lifetime warranty.

I invite you to navigate to this page: Randolph Engineering Sunglasses and check out the many different styles of sunglasses offered by Randolph Engineering where I am sure you will find a pair that will not only please you, but pass the sunglasses frame twist test!

Don't believe me or the video? Challenge me by leaving a comment below and we'll talk!

JetAviator7, owner of Pilot Supplies & Sunglasses, an Authorized Randolph Engineering and AO Eyewear Dealer
John M. White a/k/a JetAviator7 of

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