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Article: Tan Sun Glasses Lenses Are Essential For Winter Driving

winter driving

Tan Sun Glasses Lenses Are Essential For Winter Driving

We live in Michigan, so as a pilot we experience almost every possible weather condition.

But the hazards of winter present us with possibly the most dangerous conditions of all.

Winter Weather

While the sun's primary danger is from ultraviolet radiation but the diffusion of the sunlight through haze or snowy conditions can make everything difficult to see, particularly while driving.

During the transition from bright summertime sunlight to wintery conditions the gray sun glasses lenses are put away but it soon becomes apparent that sunglasses are necessary in the winter too.

After a little research we discover that tan sunglass lenses provide exceptional visual acuity for very high contrast and depth perception.

Winter Driving Hazards

Winter Driving Dangers

Winter White Out Conditions Can Cause Accidents[/caption] Driving during the winter can be very hazardous because of quick changes in the weather when we pass from bright sunlight in blue skies with few clouds into a snow shield or fog that reduces visibility very rapidly.

While sunglasses with gray lenses provides exceptional distortion free visual acuity, they don't perform that well in haze, snow or low visibility in bright light conditions. You know the conditions I mean - you are driving in this zone that seems like you are in a cloud and can't see anything in front, to the side and behind you.

Winter Driving Tips

In an interesting article titled "5 Winter Driving Tips" I noted one of the suggestions as follows:
"Remember to have sunglasses in the car as well. It always amazes me how many people I see driving in the winter without them. The glare of the sun off of snow and ice can be more intense in the winter than it is in the summer."
What the writer failed to mention was that you really need are sunglasses with tan sunglass lenses to cut through the haze and snow field storms.

Winter Driving Video

You can find a great pair of Sunglasses with tan lenses here: Randolph Aviators

 Tan Sunglasses Work Best In Winter Driving Conditions

What Is The Best Lens Color For Winter Driving?



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