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How To Remove A Logo From Sunglasses Lenses

Sep 23, 2020

How To Remove A Logo

So you purchased a new pair of sunglasses but you want to remove a logo from the lens?

Well, it is not as difficult as you may think.

Manufacturers are always trying to figure out how to get their brand noticed, and for sunglasses manufacturers one of the easiest ways is to put their logo on one of the lens of their sunglasses.

However, some people don't want those logos on the sunglasses lenses, either because they feel that the logo detracts from the "look", or in the case of the military because they don't want to promote a product for the manufacturer.

For example, Randolph Engineering is the prime contractor for sunglasses for the U.S. Department of Defense and the sunglasses they provide to the military are sans logo.

Everyone Is Doing It

Check out some of the images for Ray Ban, AO, Randolph, Serengeti and Bolle and you will find their logo on some, if not all, of their sunglasses. Usually the logo is screen printed on the lens with white paint which can easily be removed. If you want to remove the logo from your sunglasses lens there are 3 good options for you.


The Wash and Dry Method

Ok, so you want to remove a logo from your sunglasses lens.

The first thing you need is some cleaning solution and microfiber cloths.

The first method is what we call the wash and dry method and consists of 3 simple steps: 

The Penny Edge Method

If the lenses are glass (check by tapping something on them) then the penny edge method would work just fine. I have used the penny edge method and it works like a charm. It takes only a few seconds to remove the logo and shouldn't scratch the lens at all. No need to waste time and money trying to buy and put in new lenses. Use the penny!

When you get done, though, be sure and clean your lens without scratching it! 

The Nail Polish Remover Method

First, wash and clean the lens before you start. Place the sunglasses on a cloth and get out your nail polish remover. Using a q-tip dip into the nail polish remover and then apply enough on the logo to make it wet. After a moment or two start rubbing back and forth across the logo until it is gone. Here is a short video showing you how to do this:

The New Logos

Today many of these companies like Randolph Sunglasses are now etching their logo into the glass lenses.

This makes it impossible to remove the logo without damaging the lens.

Some, like Serengeti, now place the full name Serengeti on the lenses.

But, as they say, that is how the cookie crumbles!

Keep your sunglasses clean and ready Hersch!

How To Remove A Logo From Your Sunglasses

Removing a logo from your sunglass lens

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