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Randolph Sunglasses Carrying Case

Mar 6, 2013

For many years Randolph Engineering included a hinged hard carrying case with their sunglasses.

The problem was that over time the hinge would wear out and the carrying case no longer stayed closed.

This made it impossible to keep your sunglasses save in the carrying case.

In addition, the felt lining which was glued inside the sunglasses hard carrying case would separate from the plastic shell rendering the case useless.

What to do?

The Travel Carrying Case

Starting in 2013 Randolph Engineering completely re-engineered its sunglasses carrying case to solve all of these problems.

The replacement sunglasses case was very attractive and made out of a stitched soft leather material with the RANDOLPH logo on the front.

The travel carrying case comes with a semi-rigid reinforced interior for crush resistant support of your sunglasses.

A Great Improvement

With it's snap top flap the new Randolph soft leather carrying case for sunglasses is a major improvement over the old hard shell carrying case for sunglasses.

It is much easier to carry, more comfortable and has eliminated all of the old problems with the original hard carrying case for your sunglasses.

Get your own very own new soft leather sunglasses carrying case today!

The Current Carrying Case

In 2018 Randolph changed again to a leather hard carrying case with a foldover snap top.

2018 Randolph Leather Hard Case with snap top

It remains to be seen if this case will hold up better than the original hinged case Randolph provided with it's sunglasses in the past.

My wife loves here Randolph sunglasses and always carries them in her purse, so the softer leatherette travel carrying case makes great sense for her.

My personal opinion is that the 2018 leather hard case is more for protecting showcase sunglasses rather than for sunglasses that are used all of the time.

I would recommend anyone who uses their sunglasses a lot get one of these travel carrying cases. They work well in purses, flight bags and back packs.

Check them out at: Randolph Sunglasses Carrying Case

The Airplane Lens Cloth

Ah... the good old years!

For years Randolph included these beautiful accessory cleaning cloths with the airplane image on them. 

Sadly, these are no longer the ones they include in current production sunglasses.

The good news is that we can have a few in stock, so if you would like to replace your lost cloth you can get one here: Accessory Airplane Cleaning Cloth.

 Until next time keep your eyes safe with a great pair of aviator sunglasses!

Randolph Sunglasses Carrying Case

Randolph Engineering replacement carrying case and airplane cleaning cloth

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