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AO American Optical Relaunches Itself!

Sep 4, 2020

American Optical Company

In America anyone with a good idea and a willingness to work can build a business that will eventually employ thousands of people.

That is exactly how the American Optical Company came into existence. In 1833 a jeweler by the name of William Beecher from Southbridge, MA found his customers coming to get help fixing their eyeglass frames.

As he looked at them he discovered that they were poorly made and he decided that it was possbile to make better eyeglass frames.

 Beecher Jewelry Shop circa 1833

American Optical Company Founding

In 1839 the original American Optical Factory was built and began producing eyeglass frames.

The early AO Logo looked like this:

An early AO Logo

And here is the original stock certificate:

The Original American Optical Company stock certificate for 3,080 shares

Over the years there have been many changes which I will outline in future blog posts.

For now, keep your eyes healthy and wise.

AO American Optical Company

The American Optical Company History

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