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Randolph Aviator Replacement Lenses

Jun 22, 2023

When you purchase from an Authorized Randolph Engineering Dealer, your Randolph warranty is always valid, and we will always assist you with claims or problems you may experience with your Randolph sunglasses.

Randolph Replacement Lenses

One of the things that makes Randolph Engineering a great company to work with is the fact that they continue to support their Made in the USA sunglasses with replacement parts.

Whether you have a lens with a chip, crack, or other problem with it, you can always find a Genuine Randolph replacement lens for your frame.

The fix is very easy because all you need to do is loosen the screws on the monoblock, slip out the damaged lens(es), snap them back in, and tighten the screws.

Even if you accidentally loosen the screw too far, and it disappears, never to be found again, no problem.

We carry a complete set of replacement screws for your frame! 

Randolph Frames

As most of us know, these American-Made Genuine Randolph frames are made of a special nickel-silver alloy giving the frame incredible strength and the ability to preserve the finishes on the frames.

The result? Many owners of Randolph sunglasses still have, and wear, the first pair they bought or were issued by the U.S. Military.

But styles come and go, and the neat thing about these Randolph frames is that you can upgrade them by simply changing out the lenses!

Perhaps you have the American Gray lenses in your frame now, but you love the look of those Atlantic Blue lenses.

No problem, just order a set of the Atlantic Blue lenses, insert them into your frame, and viola! you now have a new look with your old sunglasses!


Check out all of the replacement lenses on our website at: Randolph Replacement Lenses

Until next time, keep your eyes safe and focused on what's ahead of you, Hersch



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