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Sunglass Frame Parts

Mar 16, 2022
One of the most oft asked questions has to do with the parts of the sunglasses frame, especially what they call "those arms" that go over our ears. What seems simple on its surface really frustrates some people who want to buy a pair of sunglasses online but don't want to get stuck with a problem.

Sunglass Frame Parts

There are 3 basic parts to any sunglass frame: a front and two temples. The front is the part that consists of the two lens holders, a bridge piece which joins the two lens holders along with the nose pads to rest on your nose and a brow bar. The remaining two parts are the temples. The temples come in 3 different styles: 1. Skull or Wire Spatula; 2. Bayonet Temples; 3. Cable


Here are images of the 3 different versions of temples:

Video Explaining Sunglass Frame Parts

Randolph Engineering Aviator Frames

All Randolph Engineering frames are made to optical standards which means they can be used to hold prescription lenses. You can see a nice selection of prescription frames at "Randolph Prescription Frames."

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