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Article: Introducing The New AO Airman Sunglasses

Introducing The New AO Airman Sunglasses

Always purchase from an AO Eyewear Dealer to make sure your AO warranty is valid.

In 2019 AO Eyewear was sold to Europa Eyewear, a manufacturing company in Vernon Hills, IL. 

As a result, new life has been breathed into the AO Eyewear product line, concentrating more on fashion than simply aviation.

While continuing to manufacture and offer the Original Pilot and General sunglasses, the line has been extended to revive an early product, the Saratoga.

The Saratoga was a very popular item back in the 60s, perhaps made even more popular by the fact that JFK (President John F. Kennedy) wore them all the time.

JFK sailing wearing AO Eyewear Saratoga sunglasses with a Tortoise Frame and True Color Calobar Green lenses.
JFK sailing wearing AO Eyewear Saratoga sunglasses with a Tortoise Frame and True Color Calobar Green lenses.

AO Eyewear has now brought a new, updated version of the very popular aviator sunglasses made famous by AO in the 1960s.

The updated model is called "The Airman."

The Airman revisits the era when sunglasses evolved from being strictly a tactical accessory for pilots to also becoming a fashion statement.

This new aviator design features a deep square shape to flatter most face shapes and adds fine details like etched grooves on the bridge, endpieces, and temples.

Adding a bend to the top sweat bar adds an extra touch of flair.

The reimagined AO Eyewear of today keep up with not only the product durability and quaility of the past, but push into the fashion market place.

These Airmen sunglasses will add to your wardrobe and become a "must have" accessory you will grow to love and appreciate.

If you want to have it all - fashion and function - the Airman is for you.


  • The lenses are extremely lightweight and impact resistant,
  • The Chomatically tuned lenses reduce eye fatigue in bright light conditions,
  • The lenses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection for your eyes,
  • The lenses have an Oleophobic smudge-resistant coating.


  • Size: 56mm 
  • Nose Bridge: 15mm wide
  • Skull Temples: 145mm long
  • Frame Finishes: Black, Bronze, Gunmetal, Silver
  • Lens Colors: True-Color™ Gray, Calobar™ Green Green, SunFlash Blue Mirror
  • Lens Materials: AOLite™ Nylon, AOLite™ Nylon Polarized CR39

Check out these new, fashionable Airman sunglasses.

In the meantime, keep your eyes safe and focused on what's ahead of you Hersch!

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