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Article: How To Choose The Best Sunglasses Tint

How To Choose The Best Sunglasses Tint

There are several different kinds of sunglasses lenses all of which can have sunglasses tint applied to them during manufacture. The two most common lens types are glass and polycarbonate. Glass lenses tend to be heavier than polycarbonate lenses; however, glass lenses will keep your eyes cooler than polycarbonate lenses as they reflect the heat instead of absorbing the heat.


How Will Your Sunglasses Be Used?

Generally speaking the type of use falls into one of two categories depending upon how you intend to use your sunglasses. This will also determine how important sunglasses tint of the lenses are to you. The first category is "Normal Use". This would be a pair of sunglasses which you wear from your home into your care and then into your office or work place. The second category is "High and Prolonged Exposure". This would include things such as time at the beach, fishing, skiing, flying airplanes, outdoor work like landscaping or farming and long distance driving.


How Are Lenses Classified?

Lenses are also classified for intended use such as special, dark, general purpose or cosmetic tint. Special use would include the use of sunglasses for ultraviolet protection (like for airline pilots or anyone who spends most of their time outdoors) while dark would include the use of sunglasses to limit the amount of light reaching the eye (for example after eye surgery or treatment). General purpose sunglasses would be those that fall into the "Normal Use" category above because the only real exposure to bright sunlight and ultraviolet radiation is incidental as you move from one indoor area to another. Cosmetic tint would be a sunglasses tint that is meant solely for looks rather than function with no special ability to block uv radiation or provide extra protection. These are also known as fashion sunglasses.


What Are The Best Sunglasses Tints?

A gray sunglasses tint provides absolute true color reception. This means that everything you see through the sunglasses lens looks exactly the same as if you didn't have the sunglasses on. Time tested by the U.S. Military and NASA, gray sunglasses tint allow all colors to come through the lens without any color distortion. The result is hours of comfort making them ideal for driving, flying and every day use. A tan sunglasses tint works exceptionally well for anyone who needs them in low light or overcast conditions. This specialized sunglasses tint will cut of scattered blue light thus increasing contrast and visual acuity. This tan sunglasses tint also works well in haze and fog, and are great for pilots, skiers and anyone else who needs improved visual acuity. The AGX (Slight Green Tint) sunglasses tint selectively filters the color spectrum to make the color transmittance curve of the lens closely resemble the curve of the eye. The eye's focusing system is largely keyed to the green wavelengths of the light spectrum; therefore, by adding a slight green sunglasses tint to the lenses your vision stays sharp longer, eye fatigue is eliminated and contrast is improved. Again, this sunglasses lens tint is excellent for driving, flying and bright glare reduction. Flash mirror sunglasses tint is applied to gray or agx lenses providing a subtle mirror coating for serious style and glare reduction. 


Randolph Sunglasses Lens Tints

Randolph Engineering, Inc. Sunglasses

Many models of Randolph Engineering sunglasses offer most or all of these sunglasses tints and this is one of the reasons that Randolph Aviator Sunglasses are considered by both military and civilian pilots worldwide to be the best money can buy. Check out our great selection of Randolph Aviator Sunglasses for yourself. Have a prosperous day!

Randolph Sunglasses Lens Tints

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