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Article: How To Buy Sunglasses Online

How To Buy Sunglasses Online

To start with it is important to understand the terms used for defining a pair of sunglasses. These are as follows:
  • Eye Size - this refers to the horizontal width of the lens in the sunglasses frame expressed in millimeters;
  • Bridge Size - this refers to the distance between two lenses at the narrowest point expressed (again) in millimeters;
  • End Piece - this refers to the hinges and their attachment points on the sunglasses frame, expressed in millimeters;
  • Temple Size - this refers to the length of the temple (the arms which go back on the side of your head towards the ear), from one end to the other, including the bend, expressed in millimeters;
  • Vertical Size - this refers to the vertical height of the sunglasses lens measured from the bottom to the top of the lens expressed in milimeters.

Eye Size and Bridge Size Are Important

To begin with you need to know the Eye Size when figuring out how to buy sunglasses online. This is because when sunglasses are listed for sale the sizes are typically listed as "55mm" (55 millimeters). However, when you really want to know how to buy sunglasses online and make sure they will look correct on your face you must determine the total frame width. Normally the Bridge Size (width) is 20mm, and the End Pieces are normally 5mm. Therefore, if you are looking to buy sunglasses online and the listed size is 55mm the frames should be 55mm + 55mm + 20mm + 5mm + 5mm for a total of 140mm. To convert this measurement from millimeters (mm) to inches simply divide by 25.4. So if you want to buy sunglasses online and have found these 55mm sunglasses, divide 140mm by 25.4the total width of the sunglasses frame would equal 5.52".

Look At The Temples

To Buy Sunglasses Online Look At The Temples To Buy Sunglasses Online Look At The Temples[/caption]Many times you can simply grab a pair of glasses or sunglasses and look at the inside of the temples to find the sizes stamped on them. Other times the sizes are stamped on the underside of the Bridge Size piece.

Already Know The Total Width You Want?

If you know the total width of the frame you want when you go to buy sunglasses online the best thing to do is subtract 6mm ( total average for both end pieces ). Find the sunglassses frame that you like, take the Eye Size multiply by 2 then add the Bridge Size and that's the total width. If the total of the frame is plus or minus 2-4mm of your total, then the frame should be a good size for you.

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How To Buy Sunglasses Online
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