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Article: How To Replace Plastic Bayonet Tips

How To Replace Plastic Bayonet Tips

How to replace the plastic bayonet tips on your Randolph sunglasses:

First, you need to remove the existing plastic tips:

  1. First, use a hair dryer or warm water to warm up the plastic temples. You only need to heat them up so that they are warm and NOT hot!
  2. Next, use a pair of pliers to pull the old tips smoothly off the arms gently.
  3. Once you have the old tips off, clean the temples (arms) to remove any debris, discoloration, or gunk that remains on them.

Next, install the brand-new plastic bayonet tips:

  1. First, put some Windex (or soap and water) on the first part of the temple (arm).
  2. Hold the temple (arm) close to the end but further down than where the plastic tip ends.
  3. Carefully slide the plastic bayonet tip onto the temple, gently twisting and pushing it until the temple is fully installed.
  4. Last, gently heat the tips again to harden them to the temples.
  5. This would be a great time to adjust the temples for a good fit to your head.

If it helps, you can watch a good video on YouTube at:

Once you have successfully replaced your bayonet tips, seal them with a small amount of clear nail polish to seal the openings where the temple enters the tip.

I hope your replacement of these tips goes smoothly.

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Any chance the Randolph bayonets would fit original AO FG-58’s? Or have you found any source’s for old AO parts? Thanks


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