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Article: Randolph Engineering Replacement Parts

Randolph Engineering Replacement Parts

One of the exceptional differences between Randolph Engineering sunglasses and other manufacturers is that they offer replacement parts for their sunglasses.

Whether you break a lens, or just want to change the lens color in your frame to a new one, Randolph has you covered.

A lot of times the clear plastic tips on the end of the bayonet temples become discolored, broken, or get an ugly green color, purchase a set of our replacement tips.

Bend a temple when you sat on it - no problem, we sell replacement temples as well.

A screw came out of your frame and you need a replacement, we have those as well.

Perhaps you collect Randolph sunglasses and would like a carrying case for multiple pairs, that is available as well.

Whatever you need to update, upgrade, repair or change your Randolph sunglasses we carry a great selection of accessories and replacement parts.

Need prescription lenses in your Randolph frame, or just want a new frame with prescription lenses? 

We offer that option as well. 

Our Trivex prescription lenses are tough, have great visual acuity, and take around 7 days to make, install in your frame, and ship to you.

If you have any questions just contact us at: 517-290-5621 

Until next time, keep your eyes safe and focused on what's ahead of you, Hersch!

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I need a Randolph Engineering replacement frame for some RE lenses that were removed to install some Rx lenses. The lenses are Intruder or Corsair 58mm (I need to verify which though I think they actually take the same lens). Can you let me know if this is available, options, and a ballpark on the price? Thanks.

Rick Paukert

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