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Article: The History Of Randolph Engineering Sunglasses

Randolph Aviators

The History Of Randolph Engineering Sunglasses

The Randolph History is a fascinating story of courage, determination and entrepreneurship.

Jan Waszkiewicz and Stanley Zaleski - Randolph Engineering FoundersJan Waszkiewicz and Stanley Zaleski - Randolph Engineering Founders[/caption]

The Randolph history story begins on Christmas Eve in Poland in 1939. Hitler has overrun Poland and Jan Waskiewicz, one of the founders of Randolph Engineering, is only 16 years old. Jan Waszkiewicz flees his home in Poland with 4 members of his family. They travel at night to avoid capture and manage to reach safety in Southern France. Then Jan joins the French Army to fight the Nazis but is soon captured and becomes a prisoner of war. After 3 months in a prisoner of war camp he escapes with a number of other prisoners. They flee through Switzerland, Southern France and Gibraltar until finally arriving in England in December of 1940. During World War II it was common for many of those who fled their native lands to reach the allies and join up to fight the Nazis. Even though he is too young to enlist he manages to join the Royal Air Force and begins training to become a navigator in the Royal Air Force bomber command. His dream of fighting the Germans is finally realized.

Jan Waszkiewicz Reaches England

Soon Jan Waszkiewicz finally has a chance to fight in the war and becomes a navigator in the Royal Air Force. During the war he flies some 32 bomber missions. Growing up in Poland Waszkiewicz took technical courses to become an engineer. After the war he continues his courses in engineering in England but soon decides to emigrate to the United States after meeting a number of Americans. Choosing to emigrate to the United States Jan Waskiewicz arrives in Boston, MA from England with $ 50, his wife and child. Upon arrival in the Boston area he soon finds work at the American Optical Company making glasses frames. After a few years he and his friend Stanley Zaleski leave to start their own business. Their experience at AO has convinced them that they can produce higher quality frames and sunglasses using machines they design and build at their new business.

Randolph Engineering Is Born

In 1972 he formed a partnership with Stanley Zaleski and together they started Randolph Engineering, Inc. It was originally a machine shop in which the founders designed, built and sold machinery to optical manufacturing companies. The partners quickly recognized that the manufacturers they were supplying this tooling equipment to were not manufacturing optical frames and pilot sunglasses that met the quality standards the partners knew were possible. Soon they started manufacturing their own pilot sunglasses, and since 1972 Randolph Engineering has been providing world class pilot sunglasses to military personnel and pilots around the world. The two founding partners - Jan Waszkiewwicz and Stanley Zaleski - had worked together to make their American dream a reality. As a result Jan and Stan decided to manufacture their own premium performance pilot sunglasses and quickly gained a reputation for providing the first choice for serious equipment. Randolph Engineering uses all of their technologies, skills and critical thinking to make their products the first choice for those customers who demand performance over fashion.

Randolph Aviator Sunglasses Are Born

Whether it's the precise eyewear needs of military pilots who place their lives on the line every day, or serious outdoor enthusiasts, Randolph Engineering makes world class sunglasses built to meet those needs no matter the mission or adventure. Customers who wear Randolph Engineering products have one thing in common - they know the difference between a world class piece of equipment and everything else. If you are not interested in chasing fashion and are looking for authentic aviator sunglasses built to last, then Randolph Engineering sunglasses will be your choice every time.

Pilots Demand The Best

Randolph Engineering sunglasses are handcrafted and require more than 200 steps. It is clear that Randolph Engineering customers demand only the very best. Using premium mineral glass lenses and 18% nickle silver frames coated with a corrosion resistant clear coat finish Randolph achieves both beauty and durability with their sunglasses. Each pair of Randolph Engineering sunglasses come with a lifetime guarantee on the frames.
Randolph states "We do not compromise quality even when selecting something as trivial as a lens screw."

Be sure and look through our site where you can find sunglasses made in the USA: the Randolph Aviator Sunglasses you will love! Have a prosperous day! 

Aviator Sunglasses

Randolph Aviators by Randolph Engineering, Inc.


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