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Article: Randolph Replacement Sunglass Lenses


Randolph Replacement Sunglass Lenses

Randolph Engineering has been manufacturing sunglasses since 1973 in their factory in Randolph, MA.

The entrance to the Randolph Engineering factory located in Randolph, MA.
The Randolph Engineering factory

Over the years Randolph sunglasses, in particular their Randolph Aviator sunglasses, have become more and more popular with pilots and fashionistas.

Most U.S. military veterans discovered Randolph Aviator sunglasses while serving on active duty in many of the service branches. As a result, many of these veterans still have those original Randolph sunglasses they either purchased or were issued while on active duty.

This is one of the testaments to the durability, excellent quality, and care given to the manufacture of these superb Randolph sunglasses in the United States. Many of these great flying sunglasses were issued to pilots, while others were issued to personnel assigned to service military aircraft.

Randolph military aviator sunglasses have been around since 1973 and they are still in great shape!

The only thing they need now are replacement parts to return them to "like new" condition. Over time some of the Randolph sunglass parts like lenses have become worn, scratched, or damaged.

I have visited the Randolph factory several times, and during one of those visits I had the pleasure of meeting one of the founders of the company, 

John M. White meets Stanley Zaleski at the Randolph manufacturing facility in Randolph, MA.
I meet Stanley Zaleski at the Randolph factory.

Randolph Lenses

Randolph sunglass lenses come in three different materials:




Each of their lenses comes with several coatings applied to make them more comfortable and safe to wear. These coatings are:

  1. Randolph VECTOR™ Optical Coatings
  2. Oleophobic Coating
  3. Hydrophobic Coating

The VECTOR™ Optical Coating is Randolph's version of the anti-glare and anti-reflective coatings placed on many high-grade sunglass lenses. It is a multi-layered coating that when applied to the lens will block harmful reflected light and 'bounce back' glare, protecting your eyes and reducing eye strain.

The Oleophobic Coating helps keep the lenses clean, clear, and smudge-free by resisting oil from being absorbed by the lenses and creating smudges like greasy fingertips.

Randolph's Hydrophobic Coating is a cut above the rest and will stop water from sitting on the lens by making it roll off quickly without leaving a residue.

Randolph metal sunglass frames can all hold genuine Randolph replacement sunglass lenses.

How To Replace Randolph Lenses

With the Randolph frame, changing lenses is very easy. The lenses are held in place by the front frame of the sunglasses.

Randolph frames are made of a nickel-silver alloy, and the various parts are held in place by a very special solder developed by Randolph for their sunglasses.

The quality of Randolph sunglass frames is so good that Randolph offers a lifetime warranty on the joints of the frame. This means the Randolph, at its option, will repair or replace any broken solder joint on its metal frame eyewear throughout the lifetime of the product.

The end pieces on a Randolph sunglass frame are called monoblocks, and the screw that holds together the circular rims that hold the lenses goes through the monoblock.

So, to replace lenses in your Randolph sunglasses you simply want to loosen the screw in the monoblock, but try not to take it all of the way out.

Then, carefully hold the lens between two fingers and slide it out of the lens rim.

Once you have one side out place the new lens back into the lens rim and tighten the screw. After completing one side, then go to the other side.


If you happen to loosen the screw(s) too much and they fall out, roll off the table and disappear, not to worry.

We sell replacement screws for both lens rims and the hinges that hold the temple to the sunglass front.

In fact, we sell all Randolph metal frame sunglass parts on our website.

Until next time, keep your eyes safe and focused on what's ahead of you, Hersch! 


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