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Article: From Military Necessity to Fashion Icon: The History of Pilot Sunglasses

From Military Necessity to Fashion Icon: The History of Pilot Sunglasses

Since the beginning of its inception, Pilot sunglasses also known as aviator sunglasses have served one main purpose. To protect the eyes of the men in uniform from the harmful UV radiation from high altitudes and to help them with their vision in rough weather.

But over time, these pilot sunglasses have turned into a global fashion accessory and are equally preferred by both men and women alike. 

From the 50s Hollywood to the world of rock music of the 70s and 80s, these aviator sunglasses have been adopted into the world of fashion and can be seen used by many celebrities.

One significant moment that brought these aviator pilot sunglasses into the limelight thereby bringing them into mainstream fashion, is the movie Top Gun (1986). However, there are many other factors that aided the evolved status of these pilot sunglasses.

So, let’s take a dive into this article and shed some light on the history of military sunglasses and how their status has evolved over the years.

Where It Started

The origin of the first aviator sunglasses dates back to 1935 when American Optical was contracted by the US military to develop sunglasses for military personnel. 

The main purpose of these sunglasses was to provide eye protection from the harmful UV rays due to their exposure to the sun.

Post that, many other American firms joined in and continued the development of these pilot sunglasses aiding them with better vision and maximized protection. Since then these military pilot sunglasses have been an integral part of the military and pilots.

Popularity in The Military

By the 2nd World War, these military sunglasses had become more popular among both the military and common civilians. These sunglasses had become more lightweight and polarized which upgraded their overall looks and usability. 

Moreover, the addition of innovative designs and styles not only made them stylish but also improved their quality, which as a result gave their popularity an even bigger boost. This popularity also made these sunglasses quite a sensation amongst the civilian population. 

The distinctive teardrop shape of these sunglasses has now become a classic and timeless style preferred by many. If you are looking to get your hands on one of these military pilot sunglasses, then you need to look no further than these military addition aviator Randolph sunglasses.

Influence of Hollywood and The Fashion World

Apart from the military, Hollywood deserves the credit for being one of the biggest influencers of these military aviator sunglasses. In the early years of the 1940s, big stars like Marlon Brando, and James Dean and even female stars like Audrey Hepburn sported aviator pilot sunglasses. 

Their association with these sunglasses is one of the major reasons behind the popularity of the product. The use of these military sunglasses in movies and by celebrities helped it get into mainstream fashion. Soon it crossed the boundary of race, gender, and professional and earned its new status as a fashion accessory that is still making its mark in the current fashion trends.

Becoming The Current Fashion Icon

In recent years, with their widespread popularity and versatile use, aviator sunglasses have evolved. From various color variants and embellishments to the use of different materials, they are being designed to suit the needs of their current consumer base.

The contemporary take on this classic piece of fashion accessory comes with various ergonomic designs and designer lenses which have managed to captivate the eyes and wallets of many consumers.

Final Thoughts

Although started as a utility tool for US military personnel and pilots, these military aviator sunglasses have come a long way. Even the Hollywood stars could not escape their classic appeal and timeless allure. 

In conclusion, this successful journey of these pilot sunglasses from military necessity to fashion icon is nothing but a testament to its evergreen appeal which is still consistent to this date and will only grow more with time.

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