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Article: Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses Unboxing

Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses Unboxing

In this post we will look at Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses unboxing with their new packaging. Randolph introduced the new packaging for their Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses line in January 2018, and from first blush it is a nice improvement.

When I first got the new Randolph Engineering packaging I noticed it was shorter, lighter and black. Featured is the new Randolph logo, and the box is rather sleek and you can easily slide the contents out from one end or the other.

The biggest surprise from Randolph Engineering was the new carrying case with it's hard snap cover. In addition it has a soft microfiber cloth for cleaning your lenses. Certainly a great step forward!

The Original Packaging

The original box was longer, heavier and a light gray in color. It used the RE® logo along with a military block stencil form of the words "Randolph Engineering". To open you had to pry out the end flap and drop out the contents onto your desk. On one end of the box of the original packaging you would find the equipment maintenance kit in its own little box, and at times it was a challenge to get this little box out.

Also included in the earlier packaging was a hard carrying case that over time would have a hinge problem. Often the hinge spring would break, and the case would not stay closed. No question it was tougher, but it just didn't work long term. Another item that needed improvement.

The newer packaging is much better, in my opinion. The micro fiber polishing cloth has been updated to a convenient microfiber pouch.

The New Packaging

The new packaging is very attractive, and a great improvement over the previous packaging. Below is a view of the new carrying case with the Velcro pouch andf the carrying case: 

The New Randolph Engineering Boxing

If You Love Randolph Engineering Sunglasses

If you love Randolph Engineering sunglasses then you will really like the new packaging.

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Keep your eyes cool and protected today my friend!

Randolph Engineering 2018 Unboxing

Randolph Engineering 2018 Boxing

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