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Article: My Alaskan Friend


My Alaskan Friend

Here in the midst of COVID-19 I have wondered what will happen to my online business.

Suddenly I received a call from Drake Olson who had visited my website.

He needed a new pair of Serengeti sunglasses with Drivers Gradient lenses.

Whew! At least yesterday wasn't going to be a bust!

Why Exists

I received my first pilot's license wayyy back in 1961.

My very first flight was on February 25th, 1961, and I passed my Private Pilot's flight test on May 31st, 1961.

I had a total of 42 hours and 40 minutes flight time when I took my Private Pilot's flight test.

I was in the USAF at the time learning the Russian language courtesy of Uncle Sam.

After I left the Air Force I came to Michigan State University to get my Bachelor's Degree, and low and behold they had a flying club called 'The Winged Spartans'.

So, I continued my flying through the club and when I graduated I had a Commercial Pilots License, Instrument Rating, Multi-engine rating, Flight and Ground Instructor ratings for Instrument and Multi-engine aircraft.

You can read more about my flying career on the About Us page.

My Alaskan Friend

One way or another everything I have done in my life involved aviation and flying.

My passion for aviation has never waned. 

And this website brings me into contact with pilots and fellow aviation enthusiasts all over the world.

So, as I talked with Drake I discovered a bush pilot from Haines, Alaska who lives and works at the doorstep of Glacier Bay National Park.

Here is a pilot living the dream, flying a Super Cub on skis.

He drops off skiers and climbers on the slopes of the mountains and glaciers during the winter and does Flightseeing and charter flights during the warmer months. 

I encourage you to visit his website at and learn about some adventures you may never have thought of in the past.



Keep your wings straight and level Hersch!  

Why Exists

My Alaskan Friend

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