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AO Eyewear General Limited Edition Sunglasses

$ 96.00$ 100.00

AO General Limited Edition Sunglasses with their tear drop shape will provide your eyes with maximum eye coverage and protect your eyes from harmful uv radiation. With Gradient Blue, Brown or Green Polycarbonate Lenses, these limited edition sunglasses are a first class upgrade of the familiar Ray Ban look!

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AO Eyewear General Limited Edition Sunglasses

These AO Eyewear General Limited Edition Sunglasses are a better version of the WWII Ray Ban sunglasses like MacArthur wore. The rugged and sturdy construction and high quality finishing of the steel alloy frame coupled with distortion free, toughened and polished Gradient Polycarbonate lenses make these the standard bearer of all fine military sunglasses.

AO Eyewear is the remaining piece of the original American Optical Company which was founded in 1826 by William Beecher. American Optical gained a reputation for innovation in spectacle frames after Beecher, a jeweler by trade, saw the frames being produced in Europe.  He figured he could do better, and the rapid growth of American Optical proved him right.

During both World War I and World War II American Optical was called upon by the U.S. Military to help produce a number of optical products ranging from eyeglass frames to gun sights to bomb sights. AO engineered revolutionary eyeglass mobile optical units to support  Allied forces during both wars.

After the wars AO expanded their business into a wide range of optical products from microscopes to optical mirrors, and everything in between.  As so often happens these days AO was acquired by another company who decided they could maximize shareholder value by breaking the company up and selling it off piece by piece.

Recently the sunglass business was sold to what is today known as AO Eyewear, Inc. in Southbridge, MA.

Like many companies the onset of globalization resulted in AO Eyewear sunglass manufacturing being moved offshore to China. However, over time it became obvious that quality control was a problem, and in the near term production has now been moved onshore resulting in Made in America AO Eyewear sunglasses.


  • You will love the feel of the finish on these steel alloy frames;
  • The bayonet or skull temples slip easily on and off your head under any headgear;
  • The distortion free polycarbonate lenses provide you with unequaled visual acuity and allow true color reception;
  • Your AO Eyewear General Limited Edition Sunglasses will last for years with their performance tested and engineered to rigid military standards frames.


  • Gold and Silver frame finishes;
  • Distortion free Gradient Polycarbonate lenses;
  • Durable steel alloy frames.

Additional information

Weight.35 lbs
Dimensions7 x 4 x 3 in


Frame Finish

, ,



Lens Tint

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