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Randolph Sunglasses Carrying Case

$ 24.95

The new Randolph carrying case has a letherette exterior, is semi-rigid and includes a velcro pocket in the back to keep a Randolph equipment maintence kit to keep your sunglasses in great operating condition.



Randolph Sunglasses Carrying Case

The new Randolph sunglasses carrying case is a semi-rigid leatherette carrying case that comes in two sizes: Small and Large.

For years Randolph Engineering provided a hard sunglasses carrying case for its products. Replacement of the hard sunglasses carrying case soon becomes apparent.

Among the problems presented by the hard sunglasses carrying case was the fact that the hinge would fail. This made it impossible to keep the carrying case closed.

The felt lining inside the hard carrying case would separate from the plastic shell rendering the case useless.

Starting in 2013 Randolph Engineering completely re-engineered its sunglasses carrying case to solve these problems.

The new sunglasses case includes a stitched soft leather cover and on the outside front is the iconic RANDOLPH logo.

It comes with a semi-rigid reinforced interior for crush resistant support of your sunglasses.

Equipment Maintenance Kit

If you also want to add the equipment maintenance kit it is found on our website here: Equipment Maintenance Kit.

You can purchase it as a separate item which comes in its own packaging.

Included are additional screws, replacement nose pads and a small screw driver to use for minor maintenance of your sunglasses.

The equipment maintenance kit is not included with a new Randolph sunglasses carrying case.

If you also want the small maintenance kit there is an additional charge of $ 15.50 for it. When you order the carrying case you can add the equipment maintenance kit.

The velcro pocket in the rear of the new sunglasses carrying case is for an equipment maintenance kit.

With it’s snap top flap the new Randolph soft leather carrying case for sunglasses is a major improvement over the old hard shell carrying case for sunglasses. It is much easier to carry, more comfortable and has eliminated all of the old problems with the original hard carrying case for your sunglasses.

Additional information

Weight0.34 lbs
Dimensions8 × 4 × 3 in


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