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HydroTac Stick-On Bifocal Lenses - Fits All Eyewear

SKU: HydroTac125Pilot Supplies & Sunglasses LLC
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HydroTac Stick-On Bifocal Lenses - Fits All Eyewear

Attention pilots, fishermen, hobbyists and home improvement buffs:


Want to turn your eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety glasses/goggles and other non-prescrption eyewear into powerful bifocal magnifying lenses?

It's easy and simple with our HydroTac lenses.

Just place a drop of water on each lens and stick them to the insider of any non-prescription lenses.

Stop struggling to see your charts, flight plans, directions and other work documents you need to see.

HydroTac lenses are removable and durable.

Get your pair today!

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