Which Air Force Aviator Sunglasses Do USAF Pilots Wear?

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A question we get asked a lot is what kind of U. S. Air Force aviator sunglasses do U.S. Air Force pilots wear?

As with most things in the United States government there is a bid process for acquiring anything, including the proper air force aviator sunglasses for USAF pilots. The U.S. Department of Defense has established the requirements for the sunglasses after which an RFQ (Request For Quote) is sent out to vendors who have registered with the government to supply their products to the government.

The United States Air Force is no different – it sets the standards to be met by the vendor and then takes bids to meet their needs.

Randolph Engineering Wins Its First Bid

Randolph Engineering air force aviator sunglasses

Randolph Air Force Aviator Sunglasses Matte Black Skull Temple Gray Glass Lens Sunglasses

In the 1970’s Randolph Engineering, Inc. of Randolph, MA won their first military contract to provide aviator sunglasses for USAF pilots.

With few exceptions Randolph Engineering has been the supplier of choice for Air Force aviator sunglasses to the U.S. military, and last year won a $ 32M + contract to supply Randolph Aviator Sunglasses to the DOD (Department of Defense) for the next several years.

Why Was Randolph Engineering Chosen?

First of all, Randolph Engineering’s Air Force aviator sunglasses are made right here in the United States, in Randolph, MA.

But more important than that Randolph Air Force aviator sunglasses exceed the performance requirements set forth by the military for their needs. Randolph Aviator lenses are known for their neutral gray lens tint and distortion free mineral glass lenses which provide incredible visual acuity – essential for combat pilots today!

USAF Pilots Wear Randolph Aviator Sunglasses

Today USAF pilots wear Randolph Aviator sunglasses, typically with the 23K Gold frame finish, always bayonet temples (to slip easily on and off under their helmets) and usually the neutral gray glass lenses.

In fact, many pilots and other military personnel over the years have been issued these Air Force sunglasses, and today – years later – I get calls from them wanting replacement parts. They don’t want a new pair, just parts to repair the ones they were issued!

They love them that much! They don’t want to part with an old friend from there earlier military careers!

Civilian Pilots Prefer Randolph Aviators Too!

Randolph Engineering Aviators

Randolph Engineering 23K Gold Frame Bayonet Temple AGX Glass Lens Aviator Sunglasses

When I was in the USAF Randolph Engineering had not yet come into existence, but since I left the Air Force and became a corporate pilot I discovered these wonderful sunglasses and have worn them ever since!

In fact, while I need prescription lenses today these Air Force frames are still the best choice and most comfortable frames I have ever worn – bar none!

This Video Explains It All!

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