Randolph Sunglasses Frames

Randolph Sunglasses Frames

The quality of Randolph Sunglasses frames is extremely important to Randolph Engineering. Each frame requires a number of manufacturing processes to pass quality control. In the photograph above you see Marcin Szymanski showing us a finished eye frame made of 18% nickel silver alloy.

Marcin Szymanski is the manufacturing manager at Randolph Engineering and was our escort during a recent tour of the factory.

Marcin is holding in his hand a completed lens holder with the connecting joint soldered in place.

Self Manufactured Solder For Joint Strength And Integrity

Marcin Szymanski Holding A Completed Randolph Aviator Sunglasses Lens FrameSo how does Randolph manage to manufacture such high quality frames?

In fact, how can Randolph offer a lifetime warranty on the joints of their frames?

It starts with producing their very own solder which in turn assures exceptional adhesion to the 18% nickel silver eye wire used in the construction of their frames.

Randolph decided to manufacture their own solder after experiencing difficulty with commercially available solder products.

In order to make sure the quality is there every 50th pair of frames are twist tested.

Why 18% nickel silver eye wire frames instead of the industry standard steel frames?

Because steel frames can break instead of simply bend, and if the finish wears off the frame can pit from sweat and skin oils!

Compare a pair of Randolph sunglasses frames to those of another manufacturer who uses steel in their frames and you will quickly see the difference.

All of this extra effort to use the best quality frame wire and solder results in incredibly tough frames.

Many times I receive calls from ex-military who still have their original military issue frames but simply need some replacement lenses.

That’s how good Randolph sunglasses frames are!

Clear Coat Finish

But to make sure those 18% nickel silver eye wire frames don’t pit or discolor, Randolph applies a thick clear coat finish to protect the frames.

The result are frames that feel silky smooth to the touch while protecting the beautiful frame finish.

The clear coat also protects the frame from scratches, pitting and turning green like steel frames do.

Why 200+ Manufacturing Stages?

Randolph Engineering takes pride in manufacturing the highest quality products possible.

For this reason each pair of Randolph sunglasses go through more than 200 production stages before being delivered to their customers.

Most of these 200+ production stages are done by hand by skilled workers and accounts is the reason that Randolph sunglasses are considered world class.

In fact, since 1980 Randolph Engineering has been supplying sunglasses and frames to U.S. Military branches as well as the military branches in many other countries.

Prescription Aviator Frames

Prescription sunglasses are an important addition to a pilot’s flight kit, and Randolph Engineering prescription sunglass frames are very popular.

In addition to the Aviator frame, a number of the other Randolph frames have become popular as well.

For example, the young at heart like the Randolph P3 frame, while outdoor sport enthusiasts like the Randolph Sportsman prescription frames.

Randolph sunglasses frames are an excellent choice and work very well with prescription lenses.

Hidalgos provided online prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses for many years, and the Randolph Engineering line of prescription frames were very popular with their customers.

Pilots and Aviator Sunglasses Aficionados

One of the most important market segments for Randolph Engineering is the civilian and military pilot market. In addition over the years the popularity of aviator sunglasses has grown and become a “must have” addition to a lot of folks wardrobes.

This is why Randolph’s flagship Randolph Aviator Sunglasses are preferred by civilian and military pilots world wide.

Why I Like Randolph Sunglasses

Keep your eyes cool and protected today my friend!

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