How Randolph Engineering Sunglasses Frames Are Made

Rock Tumbler Used For Polishing and Removing Burrs from Randolph FramesSunglasses frames can be made of many materials, but Randolph Engineering uses 18% nickel silver eye wire for their frames. As with any metal when it comes from the manufacturer it will have some small imperfections like burrs and rough edges.

At Randolph Engineering rock tumbling is used to remove imperfections like these from every frame before the all important finish is applied to the sunglasses frames.

Since its inception Randolph Engineering has prided itself on the quality and durability of its frames. The 18% nickel silver eye wire resists corrosion so that every Randolph Engineering sunglass frame has exceptional durability. A specially formulated solder flux is used which makes it possible for Randolph Engineering to offer a lifetime solder joint warranty due to the ability of the solder joints to adhere so well to the 18% nickel silver eye wire used in their frames.

But strength and durability are just part of the story. Because the finish adheres exceptionally well to the frames it is important to make sure the wire frames are completely free of any imperfections like burrs.

In the photograph which follows we are visiting the Randolph Engineering plant and are being shown one of the rock tumbling tubs where the sunglasses frames are placed to remove any imperfections and polished prior to applying the finish to the frame.

Marcin Szymanski, Manufacturing Manager at Randolph Engineering, explaining the rock tumbling system.
If you look closely at the next image you can see part of an eye wire frame extending out of the polished rocks:

Randolph Engineering stone tumbler tub showing an eye wire frame being polished

You can learn even more about Randolph Engineering’s passion for quality in their American Made sunglasses at their website at Randolph USA.

To see a tour of the factory at Randolph Engineering watch the following video called “The Sound of Sight”:

The Sound of Sight from Randolph Engineering on Vimeo.

by John White

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