How Important Are Distortion Free Lenses In Sunglasses?

Distortion Free LensesThere are many cases of patients getting a new prescription after a long period of time that involves more dramatic curvature of the lens to correct things like astigmatism or farsightedness.

In some cases it quickly becomes apparent that the new prescription is distorting what you see through the lens. Another case is when you have lenses that have a large amount of curve in them such as wrap around sunglasses.

These wrap around sunglass lenses can cause some distortion making the sunglasses uncomfortable to wear. Read more

Lens Materials

crown mineral glass lens construction

Randolph Engineering crown mineral glass lens material

Lens Materials

When purchasing sunglasses it can be confusing figuring out what lens materials the sunglasses have in them.

As a result one of the questions I get asked frequently is about the sunglasses lens material used in the sunglasses we sell.

For sunglasses there are three common lens materials used for sunglasses lenses and each one has a specific property which may or may not be right for you.

One common assertion is that plastic lenses are lighter than glass lenses, and therefore are more comfortable. In fact most optometrists today seem to prefer to offer plastic lenses instead of glass lenses. Read more

Optical Glass

Optical Glass Is A Miracle Of Modern Science

Optical Glass Is A Miracle Of Modern Science

Mineral optical glass lenses are an incredible product which is cast and ground to be perfect: transparent, pure, clear and homogeneous in structure.

Mineral glass lenses are made from a material which requires great precision during the manufacturing process. However, some individuals may complain that they are “too heavy” because they have been sold on the idea that polycarbonate (plastic) lenses are lighter. Read more