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StickTite Instant Reading Lenses

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StickTitStickTitee instant reading glasses have a patented adhesion technology that allows you to place these reading lenses on sunglasses, glasses, goggle, masks, utility and shooting lenses.


Easily change your AO Original Pilot or Randolph Aviator sunglasses to reading glasses so that you don't need to change between your favorite sunglasses to an expensive pair of prescription sunglasses.

Easily read charts, approach plates, flight plans or see your flight instruments without removing or changing your aviator sunglasses.

These instant reading lenses are available in 6 different diopters for clear, convenient magnification.

From +1.25 all the way to +3.0, we have a lens that helps you see clearly so you can stay in the game.

At the pool you can keep out the glare and see clearly with StickTite lenses.

If you love to fish you can tie flies, lures and thread lines with ease with these easy to use StickTite lenses.

Don't fumble around with your reading glasses; StickTite instant reader lenses convert any sunglasses to readers instantly.

On the road you can see the road ahead but still see your GPS, cell phone and information panel clearly.

We are pleased to bring you the number one stick on reading lenses to improve your life and remove frustration.

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