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How To Choose Your Correct Sunglasses Size

Find your perfect sunglass size in just two very easy steps:

First: Using the image above look in a mirror and using a ruler measure across your face just below your eyes. You want to measure the distance between your temples.

Second: Use this chart to convert your measurement to determine the ideal size for your face:

Suggested Frame Size Based On Your Measurements
Suggested Frame Size:  Inches: Millimeters:
Small:  4.5" to 5.1" 49mm to 54mm
Regular:  5.25" to 5.5" 55mm to 57mm
Large:  5.75" to 6.25" 58mm to 63mm


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Use Your Own Glasses

If you already own a pair of glasses or sunglasses you the first place to look is on the inside of one of the temples. There you should find a set of numbers similar to those in the image below:

 Sizing Informaton On Eyeglass and Sunglasses Temples

Sometimes these numbers can be found under the bridge, the part between each of the lenses. Failing that simply flip them over and measure inside width to determine the best size for you.


The following video demonstrates these principles for determining your frame size:


What do those millimeter sunglass sizes really mean?

When you research purchasing a pair of sunglasses you find that the way sunglass manufacturers indicate the size of the sunglasses is by a number like "58mm" or a simple word like "Large".

The question then becomes what does this mean to you? 


How Lenses Are Measured

When the sunglass size is indicated as "58mm", this refers to the width of one of the lenses in the sunglasses. Above you see an image and the size "58mm" is measurement "A", or the width of one of the lenses at it's widest point.

So to calculate the width of the frame you need to take the "58mm" times 2 (2 lenses) PLUS the DBL (Distance Between Lenses) PLUS the width of the hinges at the sides of the frame.

By way of example if a pair of Randolph Aviator Sunglasses say they have a frame width of 52mm, 55mm or 58mm, the sunglasses are most likely to be" equivalent as follows:

  • Small - 52mm, or 5.000 inches;
  • Medium - 55mm, or 5.250 inches;
  • Large - 58mm, or 5.750 inches.

In some cases they simply label the sunglasses as small, medium, large or extra large. In this case, it is probably best to try them on as these generic words don't really tell you much.

There are many different shapes of our faces ranging from small narrow and heart shaped to large round. The shape of your face will also determine what style sunglasses look good on you, and the size of sunglasses that will fit comfortably on your face.

Using this information should make it a simple process for you to understand how to order sunglasses online and get the right sunglasses size.

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