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Your passion is great aviator sunglasses. Ours is delivering them.

Experience a whole new world of carefully selected aviator sunglasses.

There are a lot of places to buy a pair of aviator sunglasses, but only one place with a staff of pilots who have been wearing them for over 50 years.

You’re looking for a pair of aviator sunglasses but no one is there to help you figure out the right size or the best lens tint. We’re here to help!

You’re searching for aviator sunglasses and …

you notice there are a lot of choices at vastly different price points.

How will you know you’re getting what you need at a fair price?

What is really important when choosing a pair of aviator sunglasses?

Well, not all sunglasses are created equal.

You Have Choices

There are $10 aviator sunglasses you can find in the aisle of any store, and other sunglasses that can cost up to $ 500 or more. How do you know which ones really work and which ones are just for looks? What are the important things to look for?

That’s what we are here for, to help you understand and to make good choices when purchasing a pair of aviator sunglasses. On our blog we provide useful information about important considerations when purchasing sunglasses.

We also discuss issues like how to protect your most valuable sensory asset – you’re eyes.

Maybe you’re confused by nomenclature, sizing, lens tint, polarization or many other things.

Perhaps you just want to remove that bothersome logo on the lens, or replace the tips on your temples.

Whatever the question we have, or will find, the answer for you.

All you need do is ask.

Some Of The Best Aviator Sunglasses Are Here

Since 1982 the U.S. Department of Defense has chosen Randolph Engineering Aviator sunglasses for it’s pilots, and they are standard issue to today’s active duty airmen.

Pilots need non-polarized sunglasses, and some of the best are Scheyden Precision Eyewear sunglasses specifically designed for pilots. In fact, their classic titanium flipup sunglasses are not only unique but extremely comfortable to wear.

Or you may like the “Original Pilot” sunglasses by AO Sunglasses, the same ones worn by NASA Astronauts to the moon and back.

Professional drivers and auto enthusiasts alike love those classic Serengeti Sunglasses with their amber-colored Drivers photochromic lenses which lighten and darken in any driving condition.

Fashionistas often choose iconic aviator sunglasses as an essential clothing accessory like those Don Draper sunglasses seen on “Mad Men”.

Aviator Sunglasses – they’ve become an iconic sunglass style loved by men and women alike.

Ageless in design, young and old alike love the stylish look no matter what clothing you choose to wear.

Whether you are looking for aviator sunglasses, shooting glasses for the sportsmen in your life or just a really quality pair of aviator sunglasses, you’re sure to find the quality, style and pricing you will like.

Prescription Sunglasses

Do you need prescription aviator sunglasses? You’re in luck.

For example, you can get prescription lenses for almost all of the excellent Scheyden precision eyewear sunglasses.  It takes only a few days to get them, and the results will WOW you.

We can provide you with prescription lenses for the aviator sunglasses frame of your choice.

All we’d need from you is your prescription (less than a year old), your choice of frame and lenses.

We’ll take care of the rest.

Keep your eyes cool and protected today my friend!