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The Classic Aviator Sunglasses You Wear…

are more than just a fashion statement, they tell the world who you are and where you are going! The timeless design, the look and image that says you are adventurous, daring and willing to take a risk.

That is why you choose avator sunglasses with frames that excite you, beautiful frames, comfortable frames, strong frames. Lenses that protect you, sharpen your vision, relax your eyes, protect your eyes. Styling that compliments your face, your look, your passion, and motivates you.

Aviator Sunglasses with frames as beautiful today as 20 years ago, lenses with incredible optical qualities that keep your eyes cool even under the harshest conditions, lenses that protect your eyes from injury while enjoying extreme sports.

Aviator sunglasses you keep not because they are fashionable but because they work.

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In Fact Our Customers Rarely Return Their Sunglasses. Why?

Because we have used all of our experience, skill and talents to find only those aviator sunglasses that are sure to exceed your expectations.

Aviator sunglasses first appeared as military pilots recognized the need for eye protection as they flew higher and higher. They wanted distortion free neutral gray lenses that would provide absolute true color reception while protecting their eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays.

In the early days of World War I & II American Optical provided aviator sunglasses to the U.S. military, but since 1980 Randolph Engineering, Inc. has been the prime contractor to the Department of Defense for aviator sunglasses.

Modern aviator sunglasses have become more of a fashion statement than a practical means for protecting eyes. The result has been expensive designs like Tom Ford “Marko” sunglasses, Maui Jim “Wiki Wiki” aviators and Oakley “Crosshairs”.

On this website you will find aviator sunglasses that not only will exceed your expectations but deliver exceptional value, performance and durability.

Buy your aviator sunglasses today on our website with the confidence and knowledge that you are getting a great pair of aviator sunglasses that are sure to please.

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