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but you have questions; we can help. If you need to figure out the right sunglasses size, style for your face or best frame finish, we are here to help. Don’t understand which lens tint is best for your situation? We can explain which lens tint works best for each lighting condition. Whatever your question we are here to help and guide you carefully through a safe buying process.

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Military Aviator Sunglasses

For some aviator sunglasses are a fashion accessoryt to be worn without concern for protection but being first in style. Some choose their sunglasses for the practical reason of protecting their eyes. Others feel quality, design, fit and finish are more important.

But regardless of the motivation, aviator sunglasses have been popular since the early 1940s and remain quite popular today.

In the 1970s American Optical introduced the current rectangular shape commonly seen on military pilots.

But the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) was more concerned about performance than style, and established the Mil Spec 25948 standard for the ideal military aviator sunglasses for pilots.

Also known as the HGU-4/P, the DoD wanted aviator sunglasses that would enhance target acquistion by 6.5-11%, have a VLT of 15% (plus or minus 2%), and a minimum visual acuity of 90%.

Since 1978 Randolph Engineering from Randolph, MA has been providing military aviator sunglasses to the DoD, and since 1982 they have been the prime contractor for aviator sunglasses issued to U.S. military pilots.

Whether you are a civilian pilot, military pilot or just like aviator sunglasses, you will find a great selection of brands and styles one of which will be perfect for you.

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