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Randolph Aviator II
Randolph Aviator II
Randolph Aviator II

Randolph Engineering

Randolph Aviator II


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Randolph Aviator Sunglasses. Every 50th pair of Randolph Aviator II frames are twist tested to insure frame integrity, and the precision ground optical quality mineral glass lenses provide exceptional visual acuity, uv protection and distortion free true color reception. Your eyes remain comfortable and protected no matter what the conditions. The polarized lenses have a backside AR (Anti-Reflective) coating to minimize glare in addition to blocking harmful UV radiation. The ‘relaxing’ green lenses selectively highlight the soothing green/yellow wavelengths of the light spectrum, reduce eye fatigue and also improve visual performance for polarized green sunglasses in mineral glass. The tan lenses are especially effective in low light, hazy or snow conditions by improving contrast and making things easier to see. Whether you are piloting a fighter jet, flying your own airplane or driving a car you should wear the best lenses available to protect your eyes and enhance your vision. Randolph Aviator II sunglasses deliver.


  • The incredibly beautiful smooth frames are so comfortable they will exceed your expectations;
  • You will love the absolute distortion free clarity of the mineral crown lenses which will enhance your vision;
  • Your eyes will remain comfortable no matter how long you are in bright sunshine;
  • Slip free nose pads guarantee your sunglasses will not slip even under heavy perspiration;
  • The design, quality & durability will amaze you.


  • SkyTec-P™ Glass,
  • Polarized glare-reduction,
  • Vector™ Anti-Reflective backside coating,
  • Blue Wave™ HEV Blue Light Management,
  • Infrared Light Management,
  • drop-ball tested,
  • 100% UVA and UVB protection.


  • Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) is 16%;
  • Finishes adhere to the 18% nickel silver frames extremely well and have a smooth clear coat covering;
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection;
  • The frames come with a lifetime warranty on all solder joints;
  • The Mineral Glass lenses are scratch resistant.

Included With Your Purchase

  • Hard Snap-Top Leather carrying case;
  • A beautiful micro fiber cleaning/polishing cloth.
Randolph Aviator II

Randolph Aviator II