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Randolph Engineering

Randolph Aviator Nose Pads


Randolph Aviator Nose Pads

Over time your Randolph Aviator nose pads may become hard and brittle, and you have lost the replacement nose pads that came with your purchase.

Well, not to worry - we have replacement Randolph Aviator nose pads in stock and ready to ship to you.

These Randolph Aviator silicone nose pads are extremely comfortable and slip resistant even during heavy perspiration.

They are easy to replace and will make your sunglasses just like they were new.

To remove the existing nose pads simply use a pair of pliers and gently pull the nose pads out of the loop on the sunglasses frame.

You will then want to use a q-tip with some gentle cleaning soap to clean the loop inside.

Next, gently push the new nose pads on.

You may then want to use the pliers to adjust the nose pad loops to get the fit that is most comfortable for you.

Be sure and download our Sunglasses Catalog below and see what's new in aviator sunglasses:


Keep your eyes cool and protected today my friend!

Randolph Aviator Nose Pads

Randolph Aviator Nose Pads

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