Our Story

Pilot Supplies & Sunglasses LLC was founded in 2007 by MSU graduate and ATP pilot John M. White BA MBA ATP. 

I built two websites - aviator-sunglasses.net & all-things-aviation.com - in 2007 using Wordpress Themes. Ten years later we switched to Shopify and decided to concentrate on our aviator sunglasses website.

As a pilot who flew many types of aircraft in several different roles of aviation I became aware of the interest pilots had in sunglasses. Many of my pilot friends found out that I was selling sunglasses online, and it became clear to me that I should focues on pilots, ex-military pilots and aviator sunglass aficienados. 

Initially, we became Authorized Retailers for Randolph Engineering and AO Eyewear, Inc. Over the years we have developed a close working relationship with these companies by visting their plants and learning how their products are made.

We continue to seek out and represent additional sunglass and optical companies we find to be high quality with excellent customer service and support.

We now offer prescription lens services to fit in the aviator sunglass frames we sell.

From the very beginning we have been driven to create a lasting business that not only provides our customers with great products, but also the information they need to make good decisions when purchasing a new pair of sunglasses.

Our Founder

Pilot Supplies & Sunglasses LLC owns Aviator-Sunglasses.net by John M. White a/k/a JetAviator7

Why Become An Expert In Aviator Sunglasses?

As an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) with several type ratings I easily identify with and enjoy working with pilots and aviator sunglass enthusiasts. 

So, why would I be obsessed about Aviator Sunglasses.?

Well, I love to fly airplanes and think about flying a lot!

I am an old (not so bold) pilot and have been since 1961.

While learning to fly airplanes I discovered that other airplanes in my vicinity were hard to spot. The powerful sunlight and glare at altitude made it difficult to see them.

This is especially true for military pilots!

Convinced of the need for a quality pair of sunglasses, I visited the PX and bought my first pair of aviators - AO Original Pilots!

Back in the day they sold for about twenty bucks. Boy have things changed!

Today Randolph Engineering provides Randolph aviator sunglasses as standard issue to military pilots around the world.

They have also become a popular fashion item.

Quality Aviator Sunglasses by a Trusted, Knowledgeable & Caring Staff

Here you will find the best in class aviator sunglasses, all of which are sure to please.

For nearly 60 years I have been flying airplanes, and in order to keep doing so I need to stay healthy.

As a pilot my most important asset is my eyes.

That is why I have looked at, evaluated and purchased a lot of sunglasses over the years.

It is important that my eyes have the best protection possible.

We really enjoy talking to our Customers.

Here is an image of our small staff:

John M. White and Betty A. Muscott - Customer Service at Aviator-Sunglasses.net

Our most important goal is to provide Customer Centered service to anyone who wants to find out what makes a good pair of sunglasses and why.

Since I started this business I have discovered how many questions people really have about sunglasses!

It really surprised me!

So, if you have any questions about sunglasses at all, just contact us.

We will do our very best to help you.

In the meantime, keep your eyes safe and focused on what's ahead of you.

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