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Randolph Engineering SkyTec™ Neutral Gray Mineral Glass Lenses

Nov 22, 2019

Randolph Engineering is known for it's military aviator sunglasses which are standard issue to U.S. military pilots worldwide. Each pair exceed the Mil-S-25948J_1984 Department of Defense requirements.

These SkyTec™ neutral gray mineral glass lenses are Randolph's signature lens. These mineral glass lenses will maintain 'true' color and contrast under all light and terrain conditions. 

The Randolph Vector™ Optical Coatings stop harmful glare from behind your head. The multi-layer coating is applied to each lens to block harmful reflected light and 'bounce back' glare from entering your eyes from behind.

The Vector™ coating also will reduce eye strain and improve visual acuity keeping your eyes comfortable no matter how long you wear them. The lenses also provide a built-in benefit of hydrophobic, anti-static and scratch resistant properites.

Add to that 100% UVA/UVB protection and you have a complete defense against harmful uv radiation.

Randolph Aviator Sunglasses with these SkyTec™ lenses are great for pilots, fashion aficienados or anyone who enjoys the outdoors. My sister enjoys camping and rv-ing with Ed, particularly here in Michigan where we have great campgrounds.

Check out our great selection of Randolph Sunglasses.

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