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Article: Randolph SKYTEC™ Lens Technology

Randolph SKYTEC™ Lens Technology

Over the years I have noticed that many Customers prefer glass lenses to any others, and I can understand why that is.

Randolph uses crown mineral glass for it's SKYTEC™ lenses.

SKYTEC™ lenses are lightweight and each batch has been tested for impact resistance. This guarantees that your eyes are protected from shattered glass.

The test involves dropping a 5/8th inch steel balll from a height of 4 feet 2 inches onto a lens to make sure it will not shatter or break!

SKYTEC™ Mineral Glass Lenses 

Each SKYTEC™ lens is ground and polished to the same exacting standards as a high end camera lens.

They have the very best optics possible while keeping the lens scratch resistant. 

SKYTEC™ Mineral Glass Lenses have been the most popular Randolph sunglass lenses.

Randolph sunglasses have a great reputation for comfort and wear, with many pairs lasting 20-40+ years.

As a result Randolph offers replacement SKYTEC™ Mineral Glass Lenses to keep your sunglasses like new.

SKYTEC™ Mineral Glass Lenses

These lenses come five different tints:

  1. American Gray - This is Randolph's signature tint which was originally developed for the military aviator sunglasses.  It provides true color viewing regardless of light or terrain conditions.
  2. American Tan - This tint provides enhanced contrast and depth perception in fog, haze and cloudy conditions.
  3. AGX - These slight green tinted lenses highlight green and yellow wavelengths of light which reduces eye fatigue and will improve optical performance. 
  4. Blue Hydro - These cool looking lenses sharpen outdoor colors which pop to life, highlighting green, yellow and red visible light wavelenths for sharper color definition. With a visible light transmission (VLT) of 37% they work great in low light or overcast lighting conditions.
  5. Granite - These silver polarized flash mirror lenses are an updated classic and were originally engineered for military pilots to replace earlier pilot goggles. Great for driving, boating, fishing and just relaxing on the beach.

The SkyTec™ Difference

SkyTec™ mineral glass lenses all come with the following enhancements:

  • Vector™ Optical Coatings to block harmful reflected and bounce back glare from behind.
  • Blue Wave™ Technology filters harmful blue light wavelengths which helps preserve your eye health.
  • Randolph SkyTec™ mineral glass lenses provide complete 100% UVA and UVB protection for your eyes.
  • Infrared Rays (IR) are heat radiation or heat waves which can cause dry and tired eyes. SkyTec™ Glass lenses provide additional protection from Infrared Rays.
  •  Randolph's Oleophobic Coating will resist smudges and keep your lenses clean and clear.
  • Randolph's Hydrophobic Coating enables mositure to roll off the lens leaving them interference free.

Randolph SkyTec™ Mineral Glass Lens Video

In the meantime, keep your eyes safe and focused on what's ahead of you Hersch!


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