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Article: Monel Alloy For Sunglass Frames

Monel Alloy For Sunglass Frames

Today I had an interesting conversation with one of my Customers, Lennie. Lennie received his pair of Randolph Aviator sunglasses from me (a pair of AF054 55mm 23K Gold Plated Frame with Skull Temples) today and could not wait to talk to me. This morning I received a telephone call from Lennie excited and let me know how pleased he was with the sunglasses.

Lennie tells me that he is an engineer, and he was surprised that the frame was made of Monel, a silver-nickel metal. In the case of the Randolph Frame the metal is 57% silver and the rest mostly nickel. He told me that it is one of the toughest metals, that it is very difficult to manufacture and work into a product. The properties of nickel silver alloys include silvery-white in color, hard, malleable, ductile and non-magnetic. One of monels best characteristics is it's corrosion resistance. This makes it well-suited for marine fittings and plumbing fixtures. Other applications include jewelry, musical instruments, screws and side fasteners.

Why Would Randolph Use Monel?

After all, it is more expensive, hard to work with and a very strong material. Combined with Randolph's own solder joint compound, Randolph Engineering frames are tough as - well - monel! In other words, they are very strong. The first time I visited their factory one of the employees took a brand new frame, handed it to me and challenged me to break it. I couldn't! And back then I was a lot stronger than I am now!

Why Buy Randolph Aviator Sunglasses?

I often hear the argument that you can buy lots of inexpensive sunglasses, keep them all over the place, and if they get lost, damaged or stolen who cares? But Randolph Aviators will last a lifetime, so after you pay for all of those cheap sunglasses what do you have? Just another pair of cheap sunglasses. If you really want a great pair of sunglasses that will last you a lifetime consider these Randolph Aviators. After all, they are as tough as monel, right? I'll bet you will be pleased as punch. Keep your eyes cool and protected today my friend!

Randolph Sunglasses

Randolph Engineering Sunglasses

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