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Article: AO vs. Randolph: Brands to Consider When Buying Pilot Sunglasses

AO vs. Randolph: Brands to Consider When Buying Pilot Sunglasses

When choosing a brand for pilot sunglasses, making a selection between Ao/Randolph sunglasses can be a difficult task. There are certain factors that can make a huge difference in your judgment.

Although both the sunglasses look almost similar from afar, there are some underlying factors related to it. That’s why, one must get into the debate of ao sunglasses/Randolph sunglasses to make a constructive decision.  

Apart from their backgrounds being similar, there are some fundamental differences that create the differentiations between them. 

Both of them are made in the United States and have made specific sunglasses for pilots. But the key differences lie in terms of variations, price, style, and pattern of the frames. 

Let’s discuss these factors in detail to find out which sunglasses should be preferred when choosing the best pilot sunglasses.

Price Gap

One major difference between these two aviator sunglasses is the price. While Randolph aviators are priced on the higher side, AO aviators are comparatively lesser. For most people, the price gap resembles the quality of the products but there is hardly any difference in the quality of both.

The Randolph aviators are priced higher because of the quality of metal they use for the frames. On the other hand, the AO aviators are less variant. 

Randolph sunglasses produce more options including rose gold or platinum plated frames whereas you will not get to see such variations in frames for AO aviator sunglasses. Additionally, the upper side of the AO sunglasses is softer than the Randolph ones.

Design and Aesthetics

The designs of Ao sunglasses/Randolph sunglasses are almost similar. You cannot identify the difference unless you take a look at the branding at the top left corner of the glasses. 

Their style is classic aviator style with slightly squared lenses, metal framing, and an overall stunning look that will go with any occasion. Though virtually identical, their lenses and frames differentiate. 

Each of them comes with a case and maintenance kits that include extra nose pads, screws, etc. However, the case of AO sunglasses is more affordable than the Randolph ones. All in all, these aviator sunglasses for men are quite aesthetic and stylish to wear.


Apart from style, comfort is one of the main aspects one considers while purchasing sunglasses. The way the sunglasses stick to your nose and provide comfort says a lot about the quality. Judging by the shape and positioning of the nose pads, the two sunglasses are quite similar. Therefore, you will not feel any discomfort with either of them. 

They are specially designed to be worn for longer hours. Since pilots need to wear their sunglasses for long periods, these are meant to provide you with comfort along with aesthetics.

Moreover, though their shape, pattern, and style are quite similar from a neutral point of view; the difference lies in the matter of variations of frame and lens colors. 

If you look closely, you will see that the curve of the Randolph sunglasses is more pronounced than AO sunglasses. This provides a narrower fit on the bridge of the nose. On the other hand, the nose pads of the AO sunglasses sit a little lower which can place the sunglasses a little higher on the face while Randolph does not position higher on the face.

The Ultimate Decision

Now that you are aware of the various similarities and differences shared by Ao and Randolph sunglasses, it’s time to make a decision. So, go ahead and pick you favorite fit that meets your requirements and preferences. 

Whether you are looking for comfort with style or want something within a pocket-friendly budget, these sunglasses can surely help you find your perfect match.

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