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About Randolph Engineering Sunglasses

Randolph Aviator Sunglasses have been standard issue to military pilots around the world for over 40 years,

Over time sunglasses by Randolph Engineering have evolved into many different styles like the Aviator II, Randolph Concorde (aviator sunglasses with a tear drop shape), Randolph P3 round sunglasses originally designed for US submariners, Randolph Corsair, Randolph Intruder, and the Randolph Sportsman for outdoor enthusiasts.

Not to leave the women out, Randolph Engineering has created the Amelia sunglasses for women to honor Amelia Earhart, the specially enhanced round P3 sunglasses for women, along with the Randolph Elinor and Thaden stylish womens sunglasses.

Sunglasses by Randolph Engineering have withstood the passage of time, many of them still worn by military pilots who had Randolph aviator glasses issued to them over 30 years ago!

One of the outstanding things about sunglasses by Randolph Engineering is the continuing support of Randolph Engineering sunglasses with easily obtained replacement parts like Randolph lenses, temples, and prescription frames.

As an Authorized Dealer for Randolph Engineering, you can be confident that your warranty will always be honored, and you will experience the incredible service from our knowledgeable staff.

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