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Randolph Temples Everywhere

May 16, 2018

Remember the good old days when you could get any Randolph sunglasses with bayonet, cable or skull temples? Well, were not quite all the way back yet but if you have yearned for those Aviators with Skull temples or those Concorde sunglasses with bayonet temples they're back! And this is good news for those who just don't get bayonet temples.

Randolph Temples Bayonet

These are the temples that go straight back and over your ears without bending downward. Designed for the military, they slip easily on and off under any headgear. This is important for pilots because we are always moving our heads around in the cockpit and coping with changing light conditions. But for some folks they simply squeeze to hard, feel funny or just don't feel like they will stay on. Now you can select bayonet temples for Randolph Aviator and Randolph Concorde sunglasses.

Randolph Temples Skull

These are the temples that we are all more familiar with. They go back, over our ears and then angle down behind our ears. The problem with these for pilots is that they can be difficult to get on and off under headgear like aviation headsets and helmets. And, it is necessary sometimes to remove our sunglasses in the cockpit because of the bright light outside and shadows inside the cockpit. For many people they work just fine, and because they are familiar with them they don't really present any kind of a problem.

Randolph Temples Cable

For many years Randolph Engineering offered the option of cable temples on their sunglasses. These temples go straight back over your ears, curve down the backside of your ear and then a small piece comes forward under your ear. For anyone who is engaged in a sport like target shooting these are the best kind of temples because your head is moving all of the time. And, in all directions! Today, with the exception of the P3 sunglasses, cable temples are only offered on Randolph Engineering Ranger shooting frames.

Randolph Temple Offerings for 2018

After a number of years offering just bayonet temples Randolph this year (2018) has decided to offer the option of either bayonet or skull temples on their Aviator and Concorde lines. This is good news for all of us who love Randolph Aviators and Randolph Concorde sunglasses!

Keep your eyes cool and protected today my friend! 

Randolph Engineering Sunglasses Temples

Randolph Aviator Replacement Temples

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A Alan Miller
Dec 5, 2021

Sure wish I could get replacement cables for my old Concordes and Sportsman. They’re wearing out. I guess I’ll have to buy new glasses soon. Now that I’m retired, I probably won’t be able to afford Randolph’s. Very sad