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Article: How To Find The Size Of Your Randolph Sunglasses

How To Find The Size Of Your Randolph Sunglasses

As a dealer for Randolph Engineering, Inc. products I frequently find potential customers looking to order new lenses, temples, nose pads and other parts for their Randolph sunglasses.

Randolph Engineering, Inc. has been providing sunglasses and safety glasses to the U.S. military since 1980.

Over the last 44+ years since Randolph has been issuing sunglasses to U.S. military pilots, many of them kept their sunglasses and continue to use them to this day.

Those individuals loved their Randolph Aviators, and over time they require some new parts like when a lens gets broken, a temple gets sat on, or the nose pads just get hard.

That's where our store comes in.

You see, we sell and stock a wide variety of replacement parts for Randolph sunglasses, no matter how old they are. 

And, as their eye sight begins to change we also make prescription lenses for their frames, both with clear lenses or tinted just like the ones they were issued!

In case you didn't know, Randolph sunglasses are tough! 

Not only do the meet, but they exceed Mil Specs for sunglasses which are issued to U.S. military pilots and other military members.

How To Tell The Size Of Your Randolph Frame

Well, Randolph thought about this as well when they designed and built these Randolph Aviator sunglasses.

On older Randolph Aviator sunglasses you can find the size engraved on the inside of one of the temples (those are the things that go back from the front of the sunglasses and over your ears).

Sometimes it will just have the SKU number (like AF107), or simply a number separated by a square box and another number. In that case, the first number is the size of the frame, and the second number will be either the size of the bridge or the length of the temple. 

The inside of the left hand temple of a pair of AF256 Randolph Aviator sunglasses
A pair of AF256 Randolph Aviators with a 140mm temple length.

However, on more recent Randolph Aviators the best place to find your size is under the nose bridge.

Under the nose bridge of a pair of Randolph Aviator Sunglasses where you will find the frame size.
AF 58 (frame size) box 20 (nose bridge size) in millimeters

I hope you find this short post helpful the next time you are trying to figure out the size of your Randolph sunglasses.

Until next time, keep your eyes safe and focused on what's ahead of you, Hersch!



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