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Tinted Sunglasses

by John M. White |

The particular visual trigger can come from many sources such as bright lights, light flickering from fluorescent bulbs or even from sunlight passing between trees while traveling past them. Another cause could be "pattern glare" where various light patterns such as black against white cause the onset of a migraine.

Tinted Lenses

When it comes to sunglasses there are a lot of choices in lens tints available ranging from the most common - gray - to tan, amber, green and so on. However, how does one know which is the best lens tint when it comes to reducing or eliminating the onset of a migraine? Which tinted sunglasses are the best to help reduce headaches before, during and after the onset of a migraine.

Two Decades Of Research

Interest in tinted sunglasses for migraines and other light sensitive conditions date back some two decades, but there have only been a handful of published studies about the subject. One interesting study by a group of British researchers found that adults who wore a customized optimal tint over a 6 week period had fewer migraines when compared to those who wore a suboptimal lens tint. Using a special MRI to look at the brains visual area reported decreased visual stress when wearing a pair of precision tinted sunglasses.

More Research Is Necessary

More research is needed to confirm that tinted lenses really do reduce migraines, but if you suffer from migraines there is no reason you shouldn't try wearing a pair of tinted sunglasses to see if they can help prevent an attack or reduce the pain. Of the various lens tints tried a rose tint seemed to work the best, but be careful because the wrong tint might make the migraine worse and not better. Rose tinted sunglasses are not easily found, but amber or brown tinted sunglasses are readily available.

Berkeley Wellness Article

In an article titled "Tinted glasses for migraines?" by Berkeley Wellness they discussed ready to wear or custom sunglasses? An excerpt from that article follows:
Ready-to-wear lenses. Some online companies sell “therapeutic” eyewear (about $100 to $200) with rose-tinted “FL-41” lenses that block blue-green light. This FL-41 tint was originally developed to reduce sensitivity to fluorescent light; there’s some evidence of effectiveness. There are also frames that fit over your regular frames, or you can send in your own glasses to get them tinted. The companies acknowledge that not everyone with migraines will benefit, however, and offer limited money-back guarantees. Customized lenses. For actual precision-tinted lenses, look for an eye care specialist who can test you using different color filters to see which one reduces visual stress the most. The prescription is then sent to a lab where the selected color is reproduced as a tinted lens. A device called the Intuitive Colorimeter allows users to select from thousands of different hues to find the most precise match, though relatively few eye practices in the U.S. have this instrument. Alternatively, you can have lenses made after being tested with Irlen spectral filters, a method originally developed for people with certain types of perceptual processing problems that affect reading. Customized lenses may be worth seeking out, if you can afford them. Testing and the prescription lenses cost several hundred dollars.

Migraines & Sunglasses Video

Tan Lens Tinted Sunglasses

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